Norfolk Local Dental Committee
Norfolk Local Dental Committee


Anticoagulant & Antiplatelet Management

SDCEP Anticoagulant/ Antiplatelet Management

SDCEP Anticoagulant/ Antiplatelet Quick Reference Guide


Antimicrobial prescribing

FGDP Guidelines

SDCEP Guidelines

NICE Prophylaxis Against Infective Endocarditis



Mythbuster tips for dentists
CQC Provider Handbook 2015
List of CQC notable practices. Help dentist learn & improve


Dental Trauma

IADT Guidelines



British Endodontic Society

American Association of Endodontists

European Society of Endodontology

Restoration of Endodontically Treated Teeth


Medication Related Osteonecrosis of the Jaw



Oral Cancer

NICE Head & Neck Cancer Referral

BDA/ CRUK Referral Guide


2 Week Wait Referral to Norfolk & Norwich University Hospital


Oral Surgery

NICE Guidelines on Extraction of Third Molars

Royal College of Surgeons

Surgical Techniques for Lower Third Molar Extraction



British Orthodontic Society

Management of Unerupted Maxillary Incisors

Management of the Palatally Ectopic Maxillary Canine

Extraction of First Permanent Molars in Children



Paediatric Dentistry

SDCEP Prevention and Management of Caries in Children



British Society of Periodontology



FGDP Selection Criteria for Dental Radiography

IR(ME)R 2017

IRR 2017

CBCT in Dental & Maxillofacial Radiology (SEDENTEXCT)


Restorative Dentistry

British Society for Restorative Dentistry



Safeguarding Toolkit

BDA Safeguarding



Smoking Cessation

NICE Recall Guidance

FGDP Recordkeeping

NHS Dental Complaints


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