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Norfolk Local Dental Committee

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Chairman: Mr. Brian Robertson    LDC Secretary: Mr. Nick Stolls


We aim to promote the interests, aspirations and welfare of Dentists in Norfolk region while ensuring that high standards of patient care and provision is achieved. Bringing you information, advice and support to dental professionals.

As the local representative committee for independent Dental practitioners, the LDC has the statutory right to be consulted by NHS England and its Area Teams on issues relating to the dental profession.

The LDC is an independent body paid for by GDPs themselves via a compulsory Statutory Levy based on a specified amount per month. In addition, GDPs are asked to contribute to a Voluntary Levy, which is used to finance such bodies as the British Dental Guild and the dentists Health Support Trust.


LDC Meetings

Meetings are held every three months. We are happy to discuss any issues raised by dentists in the area and to take those issues to NHS England and its Area Team on a group or individual basis.


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LDC Chairman: Mr. Brian Robertson


LDC Secretary: Mr. Nick Stolls


What is the LDC and what does it do?


LDCs were set up in 1948, becoming Statutory bodies under the 1977 NHS Act. As such PCTs have to consult with the LDC on matters of local dental interest. We represent any dentist in the county of Norfolk who holds an NHS list number with the PCT. Also we represent PDS practitioners, assistants and deputies provided they have expressed a wish to be represented by the LDC and private practitioners. 

The members of the LDC are elected to represent the interests of those dentists listed above both pastorally but also should problems arise in their professional lives they are available for advice and help. 

The LDC is involved with providing input into several dental committees in Norfolk including
· Professional Executive Committees (PECs) of PCTs
· Oral Health Advisory group
· Clinical Governance within the PCTs
· Patient representative groups

LDC members also assist in
· Dental discipline committee (Poor performance) ensuring the dentist involved is supported
· Providing members for DPB appeals
· Advising PCTs over complaints against dentists ensuring the dentists interests are represented positively
· Feed back of grass roots views nationally


Following the NHS reforms in 2006, local commissioning and developments in the provision of NHS dental services. LDCs will also make nominations to or may be consulted about membership of certain committees of the Primary Care Organisation.

In Scotland while health boards do consult LDCs, the role of the LDC does not have a statutory basis. 
There are over 130 LDCs in the UK.


Regional groups/ Federations of LDC's

In England LDC Secretaries and Chairs meet on a regional basis to discuss issues affecting the profession. These Regional Groupings have formal constitutions and adhere to Strategic Health Authority (SHA) boundaries.

LDCs involved in these groupings find them a very useful way of developing communication across the locality, while maintaining an individual LDCs autonomy. The BDA would encourage any LDC not currently part of a grouping to consider joining or forming one in their area.


Norfolk LDC is at present funded by a Statutory Levy, paid by subscribing practitioners on a monthly basis. The Levy is used to pay committee expenses such as meeting rooms, hire of equipment, reimbursement of loss of income for representatives on LDC duty, travelling expenses for representatives and other administrative expenses.




Executive Committee Members


Chairman: Mr. Brian Robertson

Vice Chairman: Mr. Peter Roos

Secretary: Mr. Nick Stolls

Ass. Secretary: Dr. Adam Smith

Treasurer: Mr. Bruce Irving

GDPC Rep: Mr. Nick Stolls

IT: Mr. Denver Fester


Committee Members


Mrs. Mandana Atashkadesh

Mr. Robin Copson

Mr. Martin Creedon

Dr. Susan Graham

Mr. Antony Hare

Mr. Neil Summer-Lupson

Mr. David McBride

Mr. John Plummer

Miss. Kate Rustage

Mr. Neil Sumer-Lupson

Mrs. Catrina Place

Mrs. Gill Palmer

Mrs Suzanne Plummer

Mr. John Wren

Mr. Adam Levene

Mr. Andrew Bell


Non Elected as Ex Officio

Mr. David Tewson (Consultant, N&N Hospital)

Ms. Sharon Prince (Consultant, N&N Hospital)

Ms. Linda Hillman (Dental Public Health Consultant, Norfolk PCT)

Mrs. Aideen McQuistin  (Director, Norwich PCT Dental Services)

Mr. Andy Furniss  (Dental Practice Adviser-Norfolk, GDC)

Mr. Richard Lawson  (Dental Practice Adviser-Norfolk, PASS, GDC)

Mr. Jason Stokes (GDP, BDA PEC)

Next LDC Meeting:


LDC Meeting

15th January 2018  

7.30 PM

The Assembly House, Norwich 


Followed by

19 March 2018

21 May 2018

16 July 2018

17 September 2018

19 November 2018

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The Practitioner Advice and Support Scheme offers free confidential support and mentoring to colleagues in difficulty in the hope of resolving issues before the need for formal investigation.

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